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From West Athens to Robert E. Peary Junior High School to Gardena High School:
Cal ---> USC ---> LMU ---> ¿Ph.D? YES @ Illinois

Here is another word I submit for your approval. In the vein of "ableism": a perspective and bias toward being mentally, physically (emotionally and spiritually) "able" or normal; stereopsism: a bias due to the assumption that we are all capable of stereoscopic vision. With all of the the hub-bub with 3D (which is quite unnatural in how I've experineced 3D movies), if theatres are not careful, will have left out a % of the population incapable of taking advantage of this. (Ahem, Regal Theatre at LA LIVE - they finally learned their lesson). Then again, I understand, with movie ticket sales falling, but gimmicks have got to be invented to CHARGE absurd prices... (not sure if the cost of a 3D / IMAX / ETC is justified... now there's X4D?)
After reading this article on Robo Reporting I submit this word to our lexicon: codesourced. Unlike outsourcing our tech jobs, we know have jobs lost to CODE. Submitted for your approval.
ABOUT TIME!!! Parents and the power they wield get the school and the district where it hurts - their pocket. I understand but why does the district / School/ Teacher and parents and community have to be on opposite sides? If schooling were about the children of these parents - WOULDN'T THAT BE THE PRIORITY? And helping an ineffective teacher improve his/her craft (or leave the profession or transition to a non-classroom position) be the best solution for everyone? Yes each stakeholder has a different priority but what is the true role of school so that PARENTS have a say in their child's education?
Alright, a community of students is standing up for their right to an education? Or I hope it is. If it's not, then it won't go very far (I hope they have the support of parents and students) - I wonder who approached who, community/ACLU or vice-versa. OK, so where to get the money for these schools? Dismantle the privatized Prison system (I know, how challenging, but let's educate not imprison - then again, where are the jobs for people with education... right now?)
So, Cortines acquiesced? 22 schools granted to teachers? I am puzzled. Yet, would Cortines want to be known as the superintendent who privatized LAUSD? Granted, there is good work done by Charter schools... but I'm always wondering, why did our public school system have to be partitioned so? (And why can't traditional public schools HAVE the 'freedom' these charter schools have (that would help make strides). Then again, if what I heard was correct... this was only a partial victory - are these students at these schools going to receive the education THEY TRULY NEED???
Yet I professor I know wonders aloud, "Why did Charter Schools buy into TESTING????"
More articles of note: ELL Home Surveys What's your opinion? Or whose PR machine needs to improve? (researchers, Educators, policy-makers?)
Second, What century do we live in? No SPANISH in the workplace -WHAT? if it meets the parents' and childs' needs... why not?.
Thirdly, there are Universities using waitlists... unvelievable the shenanigans (if used to fill spots) - then again, so what's the TRUE purpose of a College education... huh? (the point is missed here... by many parties...)
Too many articles, reports: Perhaps ALGEBRA FOR ALL (already there is a problem with the concept) does not seem to be effective... yet how is algebra mediated to students? Two periods of more of the same? How is that helpful?
No real chance of commentary, but three articles that caught my attention: A math major does not equate Effective Math Teachers?
Second, The Strong Arm of the Federal Government- didn't we have enough intervention from the Bush Adminsitration? Can't educators be asked what they need??? Why do decision have to be made FOR THEM?.
Third, Hmmm, Honors students?
Puhleese... **Forgot teacher who left the suburbs to teach in the inner city... RESPECT!
Do you notice anything wrong??? click image HERE; see the headline here.
I emailed the journalist about the error... will it get corrected? Will it print with the error?

**...monolinguals... **
Brother sent this article: Union Vs. Charter School: So after 7 years the union decides to challenge teacher pay. So why the challenge? Why now? ANd who ends suffers the consequences. (I'll forgive the use of assessments & educational goals), Apparently this is a successful school system: dedicated teachers, focused curriculum, time for students (Even on the weekends). IT WORKS!

It's taken me a LONG while to accept Charter Schools (they are public schools) but I have changed my opinion because they work. A friend of mine oversees Camino Nuevo: The teacher's dedication (the hours they work), the collegiality, the administration, the parent participation, the HOLISTIC curriculum: BEfore they graduate they have developed a website, they have gained public-speaking skills, they have individual benchmarks - NOT JUST academic benchmarks but personal (values/maturity). These students are considered as a WHOLE (mind-body) and the school is there to nurture them and prepare them for college. Mind you, the majority are Latino/Immigrant students - accomplished with only State funds. Beautiful (and I am not even mentioning the kind of community/outreach/services they provide - they are community-centered school)

I also had the opportunity to visit Centennial Academic Prep. I had the opportunity to work there (due to personal choices/decisions I chose not to) but I worked with a friend there AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE SCHOOL. It embodied the latest educational organizational theories - I walked into a leaving/breathing community. (This article is a wonderful summation of what OUGHT to happen in a school, by Fullan, who else, suscription required): teacher leaders, distributive leadership, collegiality, a culture/climate of high expectation. You walked in and everyone had a smile on their face, teachers left late, teachers helped make dedcisions, teachers checked in with each other, developed the curriculum together, and the principal wanted and expected teacher input and appreciated a push/pull relationship.
The students were amazing. They were articualte, they asked questions, they investigated, they were creative, they WANTED TO LEARN!!! I had the opportunity to interview a my friend's students and they were frank about their disappointment with their previous math teacher. They admitted that they lashed out because SHE HAD LOW expectations of them and taught nothing. They knew they behaved badly and were consious of their choice. ANd why did they reposnd to My friend, Mr. Sago, as their teacher? In my opinion he had reached the perfect balance: they feared him (in a good way -respect-) and yet liked him. He said he treated them fairly, but was firm, and yet showed sympathy and demonstrated that he cared for them. They knew that, they felt that, they appreciated that. He established a relationship with them and they liked that.
I was impressed! These students wanted to learn, my friend wanted to teach them (holistically: to be adults, responsible, math-learners) and together worked on establishing a positive math community.

I hope the Charter school in Baltimore can continue to make its mark in the lives of their students...

Again forgiving their curriculum, approach, purpose, etc... because the question in my mind is always: Why is it that in a BEHEMOTH of District such as LAUSD - THIS IS NOT THE NORM BUT AN EXCEPTION???
So much news, too little time. Yet this is extremely important that I must disseminate:
RACE TO THE TOP (in Arne Duncan's words)
This is the RACE TO THE TOP IN Obama's words

The listservs I subscribe to are lit up: Why? Who are they punishing? (California and New York); Why are they using the Carrot and the Stick method? (this does not work in the classroom, why would this Theory X-philosophy work in education?); Weren't Teacher Union's in support of Obama's presidential campaign (Union-Busting?)? If Darling-Hammond was on the transition team, why are they ignoring her research? Who is Obama and Duncan supporting? (Corporations in education);

Then again, in my opinion, the question is NOT why is a Democrat doing this (is there a difference in our Two-Party system?) but WHY did a Republican (Bush) support FEDERAL legislation (NCLB) for what has been a State's responsibility?

In my opinion, schools are IN NEED OF LOCAL control to identify it's goals, develop it's action plan, and carry it out (assuming all participants can agree and work to meet the STUDENT's and community's needs).

The farther away the solutions are developed from the students,
- the easier the solutions and the higher the probability that they are not a solution...

Other articles Regarding "Race to the Top" (for whom?): LA Times article & from EdWeek (subscription required)
A friend of mine is interviewed in this article. Fascinating, fascinating - recently I was asked about my opinion of unions. Considering the anecdote I shares, he was shocked that support the "unions" yet, as Pedro Noguera shared while at LMU that if Unions get in the way of teaching children... then there is a problem (or some such thought).
My brother referred me to an article and I replied that yes, the laying off of so many teachers AFFECTING urban schools disproportionately is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. My only hope is that the teachers who fled to the suburb CAN BRING THEIR TEACHING TALENTS back into our URBAN schools (if anything positive can be expected by these BUDGET CUTS and LAY-offs).
This is an article assessing charter school achievement But the report can be downloaded here; I have not yet read the report myself yet... I hesitate to agree with the generalizations (articles) - how do the charter schools compare with those in the nearby community serving the similar student-population? (I have recently visited two charter schools in Los Angeles and what they do, what they are doing is facinating, I wish that the holistic education of one and the distributed leadership of the other were more common at traditional public schools - but would the faculty and staff want ALL THAT RESPONSIBILITY?)
This is edweek's take on this (notice the different headlines)

LATEST Educational leadership issue is now available. This month's topic: Revisiting Teacher Learning
LATEST ComMuniCator - June 2009, is now avaiable (only to CMC members) [summary to follow soon]
Did you see this article? American Indian Public Charter School? Can you say "Pedagogical Divide" or "Banking System"?
(But they get good test scores, that's what counts, no?)

A website can used to teach evolution...
I really enjoyed this essay on the essence of SCIENCE...
ascd - current issue available online

Teaching Social Responsibility in schools... love the concept, how effective in its implementation?
The day after, is it a repudiation of Schwarzenegger and Sacramento?
I never believed in the "Governator"... interesting take on our tax situation... Prop 13 is heralded as the ultimate example of CA TAX Revolt (or form of expression)... or is it? Gosh I love the misuse of common myths and 'facts', don't you?
edweek - may need subscription
OK, so Elementary Teachers are stereotyped as NOT having sufficient mathematics knowledge; so assessing them will increase that knowledge?
But will an assessment truly if they have a conceptual understanding of mathematics? Or that they are familiar with effective mathematics pedagogy?

Goodluck at the polls, our special election in CA - please go and VOTE!!!
UTLA and LAUSD have both experienced a BLACK-EYE this week via the LATIMES: Teachers can't be fired
LAUSD 'houses' these teachers they cannot fire... (this is Tax-payer's money!!)
'Housed' teacher tells his story - can anyone really teach? WHO should we believe???
Unbelievable that LAUSD drops the ball because criminal investigations fall apart, THEY HAVE A DUTY to the parents/students...
Change needs to happen, but is it the right time? The Union, DIstrict, and State must improve the process -
but can anyone prudently change this process right now?
If not in higher education, then where can Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Academia belong? (C'mon let me believe...)
***Need subscription, Our Nations's Report Card, hot off the presses, Although stagnant results for MOST of our student...
Download the Executive summary here or download the NAEP report.
*Preview only: if latest technology is NOT being used in the classroom, what is???
***Need subscription, this is a preview to a survey of AP teachers... (who feel AP-is getting watered down?)
No need to subscribe to edweek, here's the report... but watch the video, what exactly is he implying???
On our local front: UTLA V. LAUSD - on May15th (classmates of mine from last year are AFFECTED by the budget...)
Even with the downturn of our economy... does life have to be this harsh for Latinos in the South?
*I'm a few days late... hopefully our SOON-to-be non-profit (in the South LA area) will be able to apply...
1984-21st Century style - extremely scary... for whose benefit? I just love how it's all about the children & their parents =/
(sure I remember the bus when riding home from Junior High... but this is absurd!!

I've heard that gum may have positive effect... high math scores though?? (I'd need to analyze the study)...
(may need NYT account), HS seniors going to Europe to play basketball does not bother me (I am puzzled by NCAA policies)...
BUT JUNIORS??? THis Vaccaro person is a suspicious character...

This may be good for the district... but what is BEST FOR OUR STUDENTS (and the teachers that are left)???
LAUSD board members will have to make some difficult decisions April 14th!!
THE SUPREME Court has accepted an Arizona case that Challenges NCLB (monies) versus Civil Rights of Ells, will have NATIONAL ramifications!!
Well, since that article on edweek.com required a subscription here are additional links:
Edweek.com Blog, scroll down to March 30, 2009

Here are the Horne v. Flores & Speaker of the Arizona House OF representatives v. Flores court documents

Here is a direct link to the Obama's Administration brief supporting additional funding for ELLs
Someone will always make out better - but, who will be the next artists? Musicians? Composers? TEACHERS?? (and I mean by Gender/Ethnicity/Class/etc)
So, when Obama and Duncan sing the praises of NCLB... what exactly do they mean? (may need subscription)
The latest issue (April) of Educational Leadership (ASCD) focuses on Supporting ELLs
I shall organize links better soon... in the meanwhile:

What is your opinion?
I recognize that teaching is a political act... but this is absurd... pre-crime?
Unions, seniority, and pink slips... this is a complex discussion. But if students MUST come first...
And I am considering a job in higher education... if universities cannot exercise free speech... where can we?
Resume Tips #1 (for you young-adults I know...)
Resume Tips #2 (hopefully you teachers don't need these...)